Joan MacLeod: Playwright
on drama

“One of the most important playwrights working in Canada today.”
The Toronto Star

“Joan MacLeod's writing is strong and travels single-mindedly in its chosen direction, like an eccentric in the park who grabs you by the arm and takes you on a journey you hadn't planned.”
— Ray Conologue, The Globe and Mail

On Another Home Invasion:
“The playwright shares with novelist Ian McEwan the ability to stretch tension out over everyday domestic scenes … Another Home Invasion is piercingly accurate writing that interrogates how our society is really serving our seniors at a time when they most need our help.”
Globe & Mail

“A perfect evening of theatre... there isn't a false word in MacLeod's script”
Calgary Herald

“A finely honed work of art.”
Toronto Star

“...even better than Shape of a Girl.”
National Post

“...Ms. MacLeod has turned what could have been a simple after-school special into a much more complex drama with thornier moral issues. …She struggles mightily not to judge her main character, who feels so much more real than most portraits of young people onstage.  Ms. MacLeod writes dialogue that sounds like the way girls talk, without being a bit condescending.”
The New York Times on The Shape of a Girl
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“Joan MacLeod has written deeply, complex characters who pulse with life and humour.  She has illuminated how complicated and humiliating life was for the home children…  MacLeod has written a moving story of huge implications – what family, identity and personal history mean.

CBC Radio AM, National on Homechild

The Shape of a Girl revitalizes theatre.  *****   This is an almost flawless evening of theatre, beautifully written by B.C.’s Joan MacLeod…. Like Jewel this play will enter the repertoire and be performed for many years to come.”

The Toronto Star